I wish I had thought of this to save a few little blooms from my own bouquet! It's such a beautiful, and practical way to preserve and display dried flowers. Here's what you need: THIS spherical tray, THIS can of clear resin, THIS liquid gold gilding, THESE hardy brushes, and THIS electric sander. You'll also want safety gloves and a dust mask. Start outdoors, with small dried flowers or little stems of foliage, and arrange them in your molds.

With gloves and mask on, prepare your resin according to the directions on the can, be careful as the fumes are quite strong. Tip: mix your resin in a vessel that you won't mind discarding.

Slowly pour the resin into the molds, carefully making sure that your flowers stay submerged.

When the resin has hardened, pop them out of the molds and use your electric sander to smooth the edges and the top where any floating foliage has embedded itself. Tip: an electric sander is much faster and effective than sand paper.

I love the look of gold on the bottom, so I painted mine with gilding, but you may like leaving it transparent so that it takes in the colors of its surroundings. Consider gluing a felt circle on the bottom if they are to be used as paperweights, but they also make gorgeous wall and table decor.