Ireland (Eire) - a wonderful world of old stone castles, grazing sheep, soda bread, delicious stews, daily drizzles and gorgeous greenery... landscapes from Shannon, Kerry, Dingle, Cork, Dublin, Kinsale (my favorite town), Adare, Cliffs of Moher and all the beautiful roads in between... Excited to finally share this personal work from my sublime honeymoon this summer - such perfect timing with Thanksgiving in just a few short days... so thankful for my new husband and the beginning of our lives together! We were blessed to be able to visit the beautiful land of his (our) ancestors. Yes, it did rain a bit every day... but well worth it for the overarching rainbows and rays of sunshine peeking through afterwards. Next time we will definitely make a trip to Galway and northern Ireland to see more... Medium format Fuji Film shot on the Contax 645 and processed by RichardPhotoLab.com. Read more of my honeymoon story on one of my favorite travel blogs: Entouriste.com.