My albums are artisan-made with time-honored preservation techniques. Each fine art book features beautiful linen covers, and heavy, expansive pages to enhance the visceral print experience. The process is an involved one, where each page is individually printed by hand and pages are sewn with linen thread for strength and durability. Covers are bound with natural linen and can be embossed in gold. 

When selecting your images, choose a mix of portraits, details and candids. Your album will be designed in a way that best tells the story of your wedding day. For albums between 50 to 60 pages, select 70 to 80 final images. For albums between 90 and 100 pages, select 120 to 140 final images. Please create a folder of your final selects (in the original file size with the original file names) and send them to me via or If you need additional fashion editing on your images, please email me for retoucher referrals.

For your reference, a sample album PDF designed in my signature style is available for download above.