I approach photography with a romantic, impressionist sensibility. My imagery is understated yet evocative, resulting from clear and polished creative direction that elicits light-filled, painterly portraits. My use of fresh and simple composition, and natural light has evolved from a deep love and respect for the art and craft of shooting film.


"Every romantic notion I’ve ever conjured up for a modern yet timeless sun-drenched wedding album is perfectly encapsulated in every image Jen Huang creates — from delicate details and décor to tantalizing food shots and couture-clad, gorgeous brides, Jen’s images have it all, and then some."

Jacqueline Tobin, Editor-in-Chief, Rangefinder Magazine

"Jen’s images are a breath of fresh air. Each image feels carefully crafted, as if painted by hand. She is a true artist and I adore her timeless aesthetic."

Summer Watkins, Founder, Grey Likes Weddings

"We daydream in Jen's photography. Her imagery elicits an innate femininity and ethereal quality that makes our hearts flutter. She has a vision unlike any other, mesmerizing us with the most beautiful moments."

Kim Wiseley, Editor-in-Chief, Flutter Magazine

"Extraordinary photographers stir our emotions. Their images have the power to change us, transport us and inspire us. They can be strikingly beautiful, or feature unexpected content. They can showcase a mastery of photographic technique or be a simple snapshot. They are fascinating to look at, they make us think and feel, and leave a lasting impression."

Excerpt from my Portraiture Reference Guides, a set of instructional guidebooks on composition and directing in fine art portraiture. Available as eBooks and in print via the online store