Below you will find a list of conferences and trade shows that I will be speaking and teaching at. Please follow the links to learn more about them or to purchase tickets. Special coupon codes will be provided when possible. 


WPPI 2020

WPPI 2019: Platform & Master Speaker - Las Vegas, NV

Photo Native 2019: Keynote Speaker - Palm Springs, CA

IWPOTY Awards 2018: Judge - Melbourne, Australia

Way Up North 2018: Speaker - Cologne, Germany

Brearley Turbo Talks 2018: Speaker - New York, NY

WPPI 2018: RPL Ambassador - Las Vegas, NV

Click Away 2018: Speaker - Amelia Island, FL

Silk Inspire 2017: Speaker - Goa, India

PDN 2016: FujiFilm Ambassador - New York



"Extraordinary photographers stir our emotions. Their images have the power to change us, transport us and inspire us. They can be strikingly beautiful, or feature unexpected content. They can showcase a mastery of photographic technique or be a simple snapshot. They are fascinating to look at, they make us think and feel, and leave a lasting impression."

Excerpt from my Posing Guides, a set of instructional guidebooks on composition and directing. Available as eBooks or in print via my online store