Posing Guides Set of 3 - eBooks


Book 1: Couples

Book 2: Family

Book 3: Boudoir/Maternity

The Portraiture Reference Guides are a set of 3 eBooks covering natural and expressive posing for Couples, Family, and Boudoir/Maternity shoots. The books can be purchased together as a set or individually. 

The aim of the guides is to impart a deep understanding of fine art composition and give you the tools to develop and implement a recognizable, signature style in your portraiture work.

The 3-book set includes over 500 instructive pages on my personal process for directing and composing at real photo sessions.

In the simplest sense, the books provide visual shot lists for different scenarios and act as a portable photographic reference. All images are annotated with camera settings and strategies for directing evocative and compelling poses. The guides include full sets of photos from shoot with real people in real settings, juxtaposed against written chapters focused on concrete compositional principles. This duality allows you to learn in a fluid, visual way so you can produce infinite variations of new poses and revive your role as an artist and a creative director.


Learn How To:

  • Produce compelling and expressive portraits
  • Revive overused, repetitive poses
  • Overcome the anxiety of directing new clients
  • Heighten creative direction to an editorial level
  • Confidently direct solo as well as group shots
  • Develop a recognizable, signature look

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Additional Info

Why did you create the Portraiture Reference Guide series?

I strongly believe that learning is not just about sharing knowledge, but fostering a supportive community of individuals and artists. All too often I see that portraiture work can become stagnant and repetitive. Top photographers who have a distinct style, have a continuous source of variety in their work, which evolves from the strategic use of basic compositional building blocks. They know that one new idea is not enough to establish a reputation within a saturated portrait photography market - they must be innovative time and time again in order to create compelling and evocative images that stand out above all others. I would like these guides to give you the strong foundation that industry leaders have so that you can push your limits and seek innovation.

The challenge in creating a posing guide is that it’s impossible not to provide my own shot list to assist in instruction. At the same time, I want to avoid teaching you to return to the same poses again and again or recreate what has already been done. In order to give you insight into my personal process of directing and styling without stifling your creativity, I created a novel methodology which I have infused into the Portraiture Reference Guide series.

In order for you to shine in a saturated industry, it is imperative that you compose in a unique voice. My aim is to instruct you on my natural and expressive directing approach, which emanates from the principles of composition and clear communication. Creativity is a daily exercise that requires work, planning and practice, and it is only with a solid understanding of compositional tools, and a confident directing approach that new and beautiful work can emerge. Through these guides, I want to see you evolve into a charismatic and passionate photographer that will make the creative world a more artistic and sustainable place.  


What’s inside?

The complete set of 3 guide books is delivered as eBook PDFs in a zip file and includes:

  • 30 Chapters and over 500 Pages of Content

  • Written passages on composition and technique

  • Over 300 annotated images with camera settings and posing strategies

  • List of my equipment, props and tools, and where to find them


How/when will I receive the guides and how long do I have access to it?

Each individual or set of eBooks is delivered in a PDF file format via a download link provided in your order receipt. Each purchase is entitled to one download only. Please make sure you have a fast and secure internet connection and that you are downloading the content onto a laptop or computer. The link will not work on a phone or tablet. 


How are books 1, 2 and 3 different from each other? What’s the advantage of purchasing one eBook at a time vs. all three in a set?

The eBooks include an additional discount as a set of 3, however, if you feel that only one or two types of portraiture apply to you, you can invest in the guide(s) that you feel will further your business. Each eBook contains similar content in terms of the basic guidelines for posing and communication, but there are a few chapters unique to each guide to address nuances in different types of portraiture as well as variations in client expectations.


Are the guides only for photographers?

These guides were written for the modern portrait photographer, but you’ll be surprised how many compositional rules are universally applicable. The guides are helpful to anyone who is looking to improve their compositional knowledge, and can be especially eye-opening for stylists and designers who work frequently with portrait photographers.


How is this series different from your Guide to Fine Art Photography or your in-person workshops?

This series has an intense focus on compositional principles and creating a versatile shot list. It also includes specific language and strategies for directing portraiture clients at a real photoshoot. In this way, it is more of a photographic reference, something that can be absorbed and used over and over again. My Guide to Fine Art Photography book and workshops have a much broader focus, and are grounded in my wedding photography experiences. They also include more information on technique and business strategy. Similarly to my past books, images are annotated with camera settings, however in the reference guide series, there are further explanations for how each pose was created or conceptualized.


Are these guides suitable for beginners?

These guidebooks are suitable for both beginners and established photographers. If you’re a beginner, these guides will help you establish compositional principles, build a versatile shot list and start you off on the right foot. If you’re established, these basics will reinvigorate your images and give you the push to take your business and your photography to the next level.


How do I get the most out of these reference guides?

I wrote these guides in a way that would facilitate their use in the field. After reading through your guides the first time, I encourage you to print them out and take them with you on your next photoshoot. You can use your print-outs as a shot list, but be sure to look for spontaneous moments that emerge - especially those that are different from mine. Rather than trying to recreate a pose, think about the language used in directing that pose, and how it might apply to different scenarios and different clients. Once you familiarize yourself with the basic tools and concepts of composition, you can produce new and original work of your own.


Can I share this series with someone else?

As someone who loves to share knowledge, I completely understand the urge to share your excitement and resources with friends and colleagues. Because of this, I’ve priced these guides affordably so that they are accessible to everyone, both beginners and established professionals. Out of respect for the incredible creatives featured in the book and the heart and soul that they and I have poured into this project, I kindly ask that you keep your purchase to yourself. Definitely let your friends and colleagues know if they have been helpful to you so that they can invest in the experience for themselves. Thank you for not redistributing or sharing your copy of the eBooks.

What is your refund policy? Can I ask questions after I purchase the guide?

Books and eBooks are non-refundable but if you feel that you need further clarification in a certain area or are curious about certain topics, you’re welcome to get in touch with your concerns and I will do my best to answer your questions. If you love your guidebooks please share your enthusiasm by letting others know on Facebook groups and social media. I am so excited to debut this series, and would love to hear your feedback!